This is the seventh version of our website - the most complete yet, and a lot more researched than the previous ones. Now as ever, the goal is to find our way through this ever-developing maze. And for the first time, we had to realize that we have been working at this for two decades now. We had to juggle with all those old titles for weeks to glimpse in it that thing which we are still looking for. The issue has always been how to convey the intensity. One solution is through noise, another through a bold blend, unguaranteed explorations. The second issue is how to keep traces of all that. Our tentative answer is found through this string of collections that comprise our repertoire.

And so this is both a retrospective (where, via links to some ancient or even founding events, we have tried to understand what makes us unique) and a series of perspectives that weren't even precisely defined yesterday. That's where we're still at. This website will not be your usual vendor site, as it never was, and even though it does present some artifacts for consumption. Our whole catalog is available for download as a convenience, but we encourage you not to abandon objects altogether - they can be powerful magic spells and transition tools between the world and ourselves. Just because an industry chief wants to sell you their digital audio prosthesis doesn't mean you should settle for that and only that. Music is not only an abstraction, it is tied to our affect, and it is not only a sonic mat that isolates us - pure noise should take shape within our silence.

There are too many pictures, too much music, we all know that. But it is good to pause on an LP or an anthology, a piece of music we know so well it is a part of our story, or a track we know nothing about, and to listen, really listen, and to tell ourselves that this is something good to do. In some unknown situations, music can lead to unpredictable, unfathomable (and, certainly, unshareable) things.

Listening to records - an intimate or collective experience taking us back so far (our very first years) and carrying on so much within ourselves that we feel more alive through it. That is the purpose of the whole adventure.